Dominican Red Mountain Boa

Epicrates Striatus Striatus SSP

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope that you enjoy the pictures, along with the information we can provide to you on this unique species. We feel that these boas will be the only pure locale specific animals in the reptile market. The Dominican Red Mountain Boa will, without locality crosses and hybridization, produce some truly incredible natural morphs. We have bred these boas in 2007 and 2008 without selective breeding, and have produced Red/Reds, Red Hypos, Normal Reds, Pastels, Anthristics, Chocolates, and various others that we still need to name. This season for the first time we have selectively bred our Dominican Red Mountain Boas and, with a little luck, we should have some more unique gems by early next winter 2009.

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary pet, this is surely it; or if you are looking for the next money maker in the reptile industry, the Dominican Red Mountain Boa is going to be it for you. They don't ship in by the thousands every year, like Gravid Ball Pythons from Africa, and they can't saturate the market like Reticulated Pythons, which have 50-60 eggs. The small group that we have, as far as we can tell, are the only animals out there! Hispaniola has been closed down for export for years now and, even if it re-opened, the rarity of this locality boa would never flood the market like so many other reptiles have.

So whatever motivates you, these are incredible animals. You will not be disappointed.

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